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Nik Lazanas on the picture the second from left ist involved in many criminal companies and taking money from investors, making promises and just spending the money himself on fun, cars and woman.His partner Elena Skorochod act the same way and stands in front with several businesses.

Nik Lazanas is on survey of the legal prosecutor and having several issues because many people suffer from beeing decieved by him. he acts perfectly as the big entrepereneur but there is nothing behind but only loose words.

promising a lot, taking away money and disappearing again.he lives in Zurich although there is no adress where you can find him.

enemy.of.lazanas wrote the review because of "deceived " at Arclif Group and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Arclif Group to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was beeing deceived. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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As an attorney-at-law, I am representing the interests of Neoklis Lazanas.With this entry, I am addressing in the name of my client all anonymous people and people known by name who are defaming or even denigrating my client personally or any companies represented by him in a manner relevant to personality law, competition law or even criminal law.

By judgement of 14 October 2014 of the Zurich District Court, my client has been acquitted from the allegations of fraud and negligence of maintenance obligations. The corresponding charges against my client have proven to be unfounded at court.

I am therefore strongly urging the concerned parties, partially already known by name first through this channel to immediately remove their contributions posted on this platform that are opposed to this fact and I am hereby informing you that this kind of supposedly anonymous behaviour will be prosecuted with all legal means by my client.The same applies to any other untenable insinuations that are by no means proven or provable regarding the allegedly non-compliant business activities of my client.

Christof Egli, attorney-at-law

Anwaltskanzlei Christof Egli

Alte Landstrasse 74 8702 Zollikon Switzerland


Yeah wonderwoman, this will work definatelly...what an ***


tape two brick together and attach their postage paid card to them with fake name and address. this won't be the end of them but it will slow them down


Ist doch klar...was erwartet man von exfrauen...nur fake news...


Anonymus warum schreiben Sie nicht dem Rechtsanwalt?Diese Frage hatte ich Ihnen mehrmals gestellt aber keine Antwort erhalten.

Ich gehe davon aus Sie wissen warum.Ich bin jederzeit erreichbar.


Rooooooobert gib mir bitte Geld fuer den Friseur...


Fakenews at its best! Wer kann schon diese Seite ernstnehmen? Bull-s-h-i-t


Es war einmal....gääääähn

Echallens, Vaud, Switzerland #1266855

Kikifatz und senfsosse

Netstal, Glarus, Switzerland #1253578

Mein name ist hase und ich bin einfach nur doof

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